New actors are added to the cast of “Mr. and Mrs Smith”

Recently, the new members of the cast of Mr. and Mrs Smith. The new production, led by Prime Videowill bring a new adaptation of the romantic comedy released in 2005. The information comes from Variety.

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Maya Erskine will star alongside Donald Glover in Mr.  & Mrs.  Amazon's Smith

The new components began to join with Donald Glover and Maya Erskine, actors responsible for starring in the new work.

Apparently, the series will be inspired by the feature film starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But regarding the exact plot, which will be in the production, there is no information.

We know that John, played by Glover, and Jane, the character of Erskine, were hired by a spy agency, which gave them a mission. After getting married, they both discover that they were actually hired to murder each other.

As far as the new cast members are concerned, Coel is popularly known due to the success of the miniseries “I May Destroy You” and will soon participate in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever“.

Paul Dano recently played the villain Riddler in the new production of “Batman“, alongside Turturro, who also participated, giving life to mobster Carmine Falcone.

According to the information, the series is being made through a partnership between Amazon Studios and New Regency. Additionally, Francesca Sloane is the co-creator and executive producer alongside Donald Glover, who also serves as showrunner.

So far, no release date has been made available for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

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