Neymar gets poorer and loses millionaire amount in NFTs

When accounting for the devaluation of the NFT’s purchased by Neymar, the loss is around R$ 5.5 million.

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Everyone knows that the world of cryptocurrencies is not a bed of roses. Just as you can get rich in a day, you can be at a loss too. And that’s exactly what happened to the Brazilian national team player, Neymar. In short, the shirt number 10 ace bought 2 NFTs on January 20, 2022, for R$ 6.2 million. However, with the strong negative oscillation of the market, Neymar has already lost a millionaire amount.

Neymar invested in the item BAYC #5269, purchased for 198.69 ETH (R$ 3.4 million). The other was BAYC #6633, bought for 159.99 ETH (R$ 2.7 million). At the time, not only were the items highly valued, but the cryptocurrency to buy them, Ether (ETH), was also at one of its best moments, quoted at R$17,000.

However, 6 months later, Ether has melted to R$5,760, and the bored monkey NFTs, purchased by Neymar, are worth 87% of the amount he paid for them. Items purchased by the player are priced at 69.3 ETH each, which is equivalent to around BRL 800,000.

In addition to these two BAYC NFT’s, Neymar also bought another cheaper NFT. However, it also melted in market value in recent months. Purchased for 7,987 ETH (BRL 120,000) at the end of January, the HAPE #4790 token, from the HAPE PRIME collection, is now worth around 0.6 ETH (BRL 3,500). That is, Neymar had an unrealized loss of at least R$ 116 thousand in 6 months with this item.

The devaluation had already started shortly after the star bought the NFT from HAPE PRIME. About a month after the purchase, he tried to sell the item on OpenSea, for 10 ETH. However, no one agreed to pay these prices.

When accounting for the devaluation of all NFTs purchased by Neymar, the loss so far is around R$5.5 million. The amount, however, is less than what Neymar earns per month, just with his salary at PSG: R$ 22.1 million.

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