Pedro Ivo praises Dorival and suggests a position for Everton Ribeiro

Flamengo beat Santos away from home by 2 to 1 and gain relief. After the game, Dorival evaluated the work as good so far. This is due to the short time to train. Journalist Pedro Ivo does not disagree with him. During the Pass Line last Saturday (02), the journalist said that the coach delivers results. In addition, he understands that when Dorival has time to train, he can delve into the analysis of the team.

“Far from being brilliant, but I think Flamengo’s week is very positive. We can see the rest of the problems, but it is another step of the work. When Dorival is three months old, and has some time to train, we can evaluate. But at this moment when you are having to look for solutions for the pieces you lose, the week was very positive for this work”, opines the journalist.

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Still on the subject, Pedro Ivo cites the pieces that the coach lost. That’s because Flamengo loses Andreas Pereira, who returns to England. Another casualty is that of Bruno Henrique, who needs almost a year to recover from his injury.

“Bruno gives something that hardly anyone from Flamengo gives. It stretches, pulls, gives depth. Few people give Flamengo. Dorival, with what he has in hand, starts to find a series of small solutions, without training. Of course the fans wanted to see a brighter performance. Resolve in the first half, not suffer in the end. But Flamengo doesn’t train. But what he needed to deliver was results too. He delivers on Wednesday, he delivers on Saturday. He starts to find small solutions”, he adds.

Pedro Ivo points out a new positioning for Everton Ribeiro

Everton Ribeiro has had difficulties playing on the side of the field. Thinking about it, after playing centered, the commentator understands that this can be commonplace. Pedro Ivo understands that shirt 7 should play more centrally.

“Regardless of the analysis of the game, the fall in the first half, the chances of Santos in the end. I think Dorival is starting to give good answers. When he brings Everton on the inside, maybe being able to open Gabriel, Everton can do it. He’s been feeling this edge of the field a lot. This recomposition, it does not arrive as it always arrived”, concludes the commentator.

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