Rumors point to NVIDIA RTX 4090 clocked even higher: from 2235 to 2520 MHz

Leaker says the maximum frequency is even higher

New rumors about NVIDIA’s next generation GPUs now concern the operating frequencies that the high-end GeForce RTX 4090 will have, and it will be much more than the RTX 3090 delivers. According to the leaker kopite7kimithe next top of the line will work with clocks between 2235 MHz to 2750 MHz.

Starting with the Most High base clock at 2235 MHzwhich is already 60% higher than the RTX 3090 operates (1395 MHz), going through 2520 boost (49% higher than the RTX 3090’s 1695 MHz) peaking at 2750 MHza value that none GPU not even close today.

Considering that the RTX 4090 should be equipped with 16384 CUDA cores, working with this maximum clock of 2750 MHz, the high-end NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU would have a performance of 90 TFLOPS workload in single precision, which gives more than double what the RTX 3090 delivers (35.5 TFLOPs).

In addition to talking about the top of the line, the leaker also mentions the two SKUs below and reveals that the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 will each have their own GPU, different from how it was done with Ampere GPUs, where the RTX 3090 (Ti ) and RTX 3080 share the same GPU (GA 102) and RTX 3070 uses the GA 104 GPU.

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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs to be released in September [RUMOR]

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace GPU Specifications (rumored)

GeForce RTX 4090 GeForce RTX 4080 GeForce RTX 4070
GPU AD102-300 AD103-300 AD104-275
CUDA Colors 16384 10240 7168
Clock Base 2235 MHz
Boost Clock 2520 MHz
Memory 24 GB GDDR6X 16 GB GDDR6X 10GB GDDR6
memory interface 384-bit 256-bit 160-bit
memory speed 21 Gbps 21 Gbps 18 Gbps
Bandwidth 1008 GB/s 676 GB/s 360 GB/s
TDP ~450W ~420W ~300W

It is always good to remember that this unofficial information should be treated with caution, but they are the only ones we have, as manufacturers only reveal any technical specifications with the official announcement of the new technology in question.

We are not far from the arrival of the first NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40xx cards, according to recent rumors. The Ada Lovelace-based lineup is expected to kick off with the RTX 4090 arriving in September, the RTX 4080 soon after in October, and the RTX 4070 ending the year in November. The rest of the series would arrive early next year.


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