Unidentified animal observes neighborhood and families can’t tell what species it is

It was the night of June 20th when Kim Cooley, a resident of Grapevine, Texas, United States, saw a curious animal through your kitchen window – it appeared to be a wolf or a dog -, which was walking in the backyard of the house.

Believing that he would leave soon, he didn’t care, but the next day, when he woke up, he saw him there, so he called his husband, Steve Cooley, to shoo him away until he ran away. But it seems he liked the place because he didn’t get scared and kept coming back.

To see it better, Steve took out a pair of binoculars. Then he observed a hairless animal with wrinkled gray fur, pointed ears and bright blue eyes. Although he found many animals in his yard, none looked like this.

“We just couldn’t identify which animal it was,” he told Star-Telegram. “And then he kept prowling our yard and my neighbor’s yard. So I was working in the yard mowing the lawn, and he was coming out of the woods and sitting there watching me, which is not normal coyote behavior.”

The couple lives in an area that gives access to a forest and there is a stream there, where several wild animals live, so it is common for the couple to observe animals in their backyard, such as deer, coyotes or lynx, but like this beast, they had never seen.

Steve said he didn’t look like a coite, as he is slender, with a pointier nose, larger ears, and a long, thin tail. And another difference is that the coyote flees to the forest when it hears a strange noise, as opposed to this one, which remained in place.

“I haven’t seen anything quite like this,” Steve said. “All the different things we’ve seen over the years, this guy was one of the weirdest and least recognizable.”

Well, at least the animal wasn’t aggressive and would move away if someone walked towards it. The neighbor joked that the animal is the mythical “chupacabra”, a creature that said to drink the blood of cattle.

When posting the photo of the animal on social media, most netizens said it was a dog or coyote with mange, while some said it was another animal like a xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog) or jaguarundi (wild cat).

Some had a theory in line with that of their neighbor: they said the animal was none other than a chupacabra.

Steve doesn’t believe it’s a coyote, and while the animal looks eerily similar to pictures of a chupacabra he’s seen on the internet, one explanation he finds more plausible is that the animal is a xoloitzcuintle.

“I’m wondering if it was an animal that maybe belonged to someone who moved in,” he said.

Star-Telegram contacted three experts to identify the species. One of them said it was a coyote and others a dog with a serious case of mange – a disease caused by the mite.

“Unfortunately, our coyote population suffers terribly from scabies infections and this is a common sight in Texas and the US,” said expert Bryson.

Texas Avian & Exotic Hospital vets, on the other hand, say the animal is a dog (of unknown breed) with mange.

Another similar case also occurred in Texas, where the internet joked by comparing the strange creature to a chupacabra. Remember in the article below:

  • Strange creature roams town and authorities can't identify itStrange creature roams town and authorities can’t identify it

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