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Cruzeiro ended the 16th round of Série B of the Championship with a 14-point advantage over the 5th place in the table. Leader of the competition, the Minas Gerais team also saw the advantage in relation to Vasco, who occupies the second place, increase to six points.

This Sunday, the goalless draws in the games Vasco x Sport and Bahia x Grêmio, left Cruzeiro even more isolated at the end of the table, with 37 points and one less match in relation to the main competitors.

Edu, from Cruzeiro, celebrates the team’s victory with the crowd — Photo: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Next Tuesday, at 19:00 (Brasília time), Cruzeiro will face Ituano, in the interior of São Paulo, in a postponed game of the 14th round. If they win, Raposa reaches 40 points in the championship, increasing the difference to Criciúma, fifth place and first team outside the G-4 to 17 points.

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In terms of access to Serie A, the Department of Mathematics at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) projects that Cruzeiro has a 98.4% chance of playing in the First Division of the Brazilian Championship in 2023.

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Since Serie B is played in consecutive points by 20 teams, the average score for access is 63 points, but Domingos Sávio Baião, numbers analyst, believes that 62 points are enough to be among the four in 2022.

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Cruzeiro has 37 in 15 games. Therefore, it would need 25 points in the remaining 23 rounds, which corresponds to a 36.2% success rate.

In a simple projection, if Cruzeiro wins nine victories in 23 matches, it reaches 64 points in Série B. and 2015.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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