Alex Poatan is the most feared middleweight in the UFC

With six victories in MMA, three of them in the UFC (two knockouts and a submission), Alex ‘Poatan’ Pereira, 34, won the right to fight for the middleweight belt after knocking out his last victim, American Sean Strickland, fourth. ranking, which did not last three minutes of the first round.

The American, who was extremely braggart during the interviews leading up to the fight, upsetting the Nigerian middleweight belt holder Israel Adesanya, was no match for Poatan. After receiving the classic left hook that made Alex a great Glory winner in kickboxing, Strickland blacked out in the Octagon, scoring yet another knockout for the Brazilian.

Poatan is the most feared fighter in the middleweight division and has haunted the life of Nigerian Israel Adesanya, who also beat American Jared Cannonier to defend his belt. The next middleweight fight will possibly be between the Nigerian and the Brazilian. Adesanya has no equal among the top five at weight and Poatan is his biggest competitor. The Nigerian has even asked for the executioner after beating Cannonier.

Thinking about a comparison of time that it takes a fighter to fight for a belt: From the Bronx, for example, it took more than 10 years to earn the opportunity to fight for the belt. Poatan, in just one year, won the respect of the division and jumped in front of many fighters who expected the same chance with only six fights in the organization.

Poatan’s respect was earned first by his track record as a kickboxing fighter and by having defeated Adesanya twice, once by unanimous decision and once by KO. With 31 wins in 40 fights, including 21 knockouts, Poatan is credited as one of the best strikers in the division.

Another relevant fact is his knockout power, which in six MMA fights left five opponents out.

Cold and merciless, Poatan, despite not being among the 10 best at weight, no longer sees an opponent to face other than the Nigerian.

Adesanya, who is a showman, showed great discomfort whenever Poatan’s name was mentioned as a possible opponent, which led him to say that he expects Poatan and that his knockout of the past does not represent the fighter he has become today.

The fact that the man to be beaten is uncomfortable with a possible opponent already shows that Adesanya sees in Poatan a strong candidate to take his belt.

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