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Microsoft is struggling to meet demand for its Azure cloud computing service, amid increased customer demand combined with hardware procurement difficulties.

According to an article on The Information website, about 24 of the giant’s data centers are operating with limited processing capacity for customers.

In at least six of them, the problems are expected to continue until early next year, according to two Microsoft managers and an engineer from a large customer who spoke to The Information.

The list of troubled data centers would even include central locations such as Washington state, where Microsoft is headquartered, and others in Europe and Asia.

In Microsoft’s internal jargon, the centers are operating in the “yellow zone,” an intermediate qualification representing reduced functionality, between normal operation and a systems shutdown.

In another article, the British newspaper The Telegraph seems to confirm the situation, revealing that two cloud regions in the UK have stopped accepting new customers for services such as the Cosmos database and virtual machines.

The publication had access to a message sent to the managed services provider QuoStar, stating that “due to high demand in this region”, Microsoft could not fulfill the purchase orders.

The message also offers the possibility of receiving an alert about the availability of services every two months, which indicates that this is not a one-off situation.

Capacity expansion problems may also affect Brazil.

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