Camera catches accident that killed 43-year-old motorcyclist in Marechal Deodoro – Capital

Collision between motorcycles took place in the late afternoon of this Monday in Vila Bandeirante

Images recorded by a security camera at a trade in Vila Bandeirante recorded the moment that Aldo Martins Aquero, 43, was hit and died in an accident on Avenida Marechal Deodoro, late this Monday afternoon (4) in Campo Grande. . See in the video above.

At the top of the image, it is possible to see when Aldo hits the wooden pillar, which comes off the floor where it was installed. Military personnel from the Fire Department tried to revive Aldo, but he could not resist and died at the scene.

Aldo was driving a Honda CB 300, heading towards the center of the neighborhood, and was traveling in the left lane, when the bus that was using the lane signaled him to change lanes. Aldo got in front of a Honda Hornet, which was heading in the same direction, and could not avoid the collision.

The man who occupied the Hornet was in a state of shock, he needed to be rescued and sent to Santa Casa de Campo Grande. The GCM (Metropolitan Civil Guard) was at the scene to preserve the accident scene for expertise. Subsequently, the Civil Police was also called.

Motorcyclist riding in an exclusive bus lane (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)
Motorcyclist riding in an exclusive bus lane (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

Complaint – Traders in the region complain that traffic has gotten worse after the exclusive bus lane was installed, and that accidents are now frequent because of respect for drivers.

“There’s an accident here, it’s almost every day and most of the time it’s with motorcyclists. It increased after this bus lane, it got really bad, nobody respects it”, said the 43-year-old mechanic, Ricardo Cavalcante, who has a workshop right in the corner where the accident happened. According to Ricardo, there is a lack of supervision and awareness of the population.

Who thinks the same is businessman Sandro Canindé, 33, who has had a chip shop since 2015 at the intersection, and has seen several accidents happening. “After they put up this lane it was horrible, they should remove this point from the middle of the street, nothing to see that there. At peak hours, the congestion is great and we only have difficulties. left at the intersection ends up colliding with those who don’t respect and are passing through the bus lane”, said Sandro.

Cyclist caught walking the wrong way in a bus lane (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)
Cyclist caught walking the wrong way in a bus lane (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

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