Cinema do Bougainville reopens with VIP rooms and waiter, in Goiânia

Reclining leather armchairs and side table for food, with an exclusive menu and even waiter service. Goiânia wins the first VIP movie theaters this Thursday (7th). After three years of deactivation, the space at Shopping Bougainville reopens with a new and modern complex to serve lovers of the seventh art.

The complex has five rooms, two of which are VIPs, and a Magic D room, with sound and image technology superior to conventional ones. Together they have 690 seats and will show the main releases of the cinema market. The theaters reopen with the premiere of the movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. ‘Minions 2’ and ‘TOP GUN: Maverick’ will also be playing.

All rooms will be equipped with a Dolby 7.1 sound system and JBL speakers, with high-end sound and image technology. Visitors will also have at their disposal two complete bomboniers.

For the reopening of the space, Bougainville closed with the Minas Gerais network Cinemais, which in Goiás already operates in two malls in the capital, in addition to one in Anápolis and another in Catalão, as well as complexes in São Paulo and Minas Gerais. “We worked hard to get back to movie theaters and it’s great to see that our audience will have a different experience”, says the mall’s marketing head, Amanda Starling.

For many years, the cinema at the Bougainville mall has established itself as a cult reference in the city. But in 2019, an impasse left many moviegoers without the traditional meeting place.

At the time, the Court ordered the interdiction of the rooms at the request of the direction of the shopping center itself, after a report from the Fire Department. According to the document, the structure of the site, which had been operated by the same company since 2005, had not been repaired since then and would be deteriorated.

There was an impasse, but as the repairs were provided for in the contract, in March 2020 the Goiás Court of Justice (TJ-GO) determined the termination. The old movie theater chain then began the process of eviction.

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