Claro starts offering Wi-Fi Mesh for fixed broadband service

Claro announced that as of this Tuesday (5th), the Wi-Fi Mesh offer will be expanded, where customers will be able to complement their fixed internet service by contracting the extenders, with ease of direct payment on the invoice and support for technology for equipment installation and maintenance. For SMEs, the novelty hits the market next Friday, 8.

Wi-Fi Mesh is an operator solution that serves to improve the fixed broadband signal, ideal for homes, businesses and offices where you encounter problems with the arrival of Wi-Fi signal in every room. The equipment offers extenders, making it possible for the user to stay connected at all points within an environment, with maximum speed and greater internet signal range, as it forms a unique and intelligent network.

Fábio Nahoum, Director of Marketing Products, Combos and Offers at Claro, explains that each house or company has its own unique characteristics, such as the size and thickness of the walls, and the operator seeks solutions to meet each of these customers.

“[…] We are always looking for the next new thing and, in fixed broadband, simplifying the Wi-Fi Mesh offer and integrating it with the plans we already offer is our innovation to bring even more convenience and experience to our customer”, comments .

According to Claro, Wi-Fi Mesh is available for all internet speeds offered, including 1 Gbps ultra-broadband, and its installation is carried out by a certified technician from the operator, who will guide the customer to have a better distribution. equipment and have a better experience in browsing, streaming, work and online games.

“Wi-Fi Mesh solutions have been made available by Claro since 2018, but now, with an offer integrated with broadband plans, we intend to bring an even more personalized offer of connectivity, contributing to the satisfaction of our customers”, adds Douglas Bego, director of Claro’s Small and Medium Enterprises segment.

In addition, it is possible to combine Wi-Fi Mesh with Ponto Ultra, a network cable connection solution that takes the broadband signal to points further away from the modem, ensuring less interference and more signal stability.

Available in more than 90 cities, Wi-Fi Mesh can be purchased in all Claro’s sales and relationship channels, with prices starting at R$ 20 per month, in a kit with 2 extenders. The customer can also add new extenders, as needed, for R$10 per month.

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