Cryptocurrency bill is presented and urgently awaits vote

The vote on the cryptocurrency bill in the Chamber of Deputies can take place at any time, after the rapporteur Expedito Netto (PSD-RO) presents the final text. This approval is already with an urgent requirement, that is, it can be approved this week.

Presented in 2015, PL 2.303/2015 became known as the first bill in Brazil to be processed in the National Congress on the subject. Later, this project was called the “Cryptocurrency Framework” by parliamentarians.

In 2021, after several cases of scams in this sector across the country, the process advanced even further. In December, the Chamber of Deputies, with a majority of parliamentarians in plenary, approved the bill, which was sent to the Federal Senate for review.

In the Senate, the bill was transformed into Substitutive 4,401/2021 and, after changes in the Chamber’s text, it was approved in May 2022. Back at the initiating house, the PL has been urgently processed since May.

Cryptocurrency bill awaits vote after final text is presented by the rapporteur

One of the points that draws attention in the final version presented by the rapporteur last Monday (4), is that taxes for bitcoin mining equipment would not be changed, and it is not the object of this law to deal with the subject. Thus, Expedito Netto asked for the approval to take place without Article 15 presented by the Senate.

In addition, he asks for the return of several items and paragraphs approved by the Chamber in December and that the Federal Senate had removed.

That is, as he had recently advanced in a press conference, Netto removed several suggestions that the Senate proposed the cryptocurrency law, leaving as close as possible to the wording approved by the House in December 2021.

Final text of the rapporteur on the Cryptocurrency Bill in the House does not want regulation to eliminate mining equipment taxes
Rapporteur’s final text on the Cryptocurrency Bill in the House does not want regulation to eliminate mining equipment taxes. Reproduction / House of Representatives

With the arrival of the final text in the hands of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and the agenda already awaiting discussion in the Plenary, the vote on the cryptocurrency bill can be approved at any time.

Other PLs compete with approval

What prevents the advancement of this agenda is still the priority of the National Congress on more controversial and urgent issues, such as the regulation of teleworking, the revision of the Pelé Law, among others.

Also this Tuesday (5), the National Congress received a call to analyze 27 vetoes carried out by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL-RJ). With the presidential elections approaching, Congress may postpone the vote on cryptocurrencies and prioritize only more relevant topics in these coming months.

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