duo invades house, surrenders resident and takes several electronics

The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) is looking for a trio of criminals caught robbing a house on QNN 5, in Ceilândia Norte, on the morning of this Monday (4/7). Undaunted by the daylight, the thieves took advantage of the fact that the owner of the residence had gone to work, invaded the place and made a dragnet. Security cameras at the property record the robbery.

At the time of the crime, only a 22-year-old man was at the scene, sleeping, when he was awakened under the threat of a firearm. The damage is around $20,000.

“There were three men. One stayed in the car, an old Fiat Uno, and the other two got in. They broke down the garage door and then the living room”, said the owner of the property.

See footage of the crime:


“They started cleaning the living room, in my room, and then went to my son’s room, who was sleeping,” added the victim. “They asked for his cell phone password and threatened to kill him. He said they put the gun to his head.”

Television, computers, cell phones and various electronics were taken by the trio. The whole action lasted about 10 minutes. The case is investigated by the 15th Police Station (Ceilândia center).

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