Emma Mackey reveals that the movie’s actresses had a big ‘slumber party for the Barbies’ Rolling Stone

So far, Emma Mackey’s role in Barbie has not been revealed – but theories say that the actress lives one of the versions of the doll

Emma Mackeyseries actress sex educationmay have confirmed one of the great rumors of Barbiemovie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Goslingwhich tells how the public will see other versions of the iconic doll created by Mattel.

During an interview with empirethe actress spoke about her experience on the set of the film directed by Greta Gerwigresponsible for Lady Bird: Time to Fly (2017) and lovely women (2019). In the conversation, Mackey revealed a big “slumber party for the barbies.”

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“Right at the beginning [das filmagens]we had a sleepover for the barbieswhich would involve playing with Scott [Evans] and Ncuti [Gatwa, também de Sex Education],” said the artist to the magazine. With this statement she may have suggested the idea of ​​having several barbies in the movie.

At the slumber party, one of the activities was table tennis: “I don’t play normally because I get very competitive and irritable. Scott and I were at the top of the game.” The actress also praised the film: “Barbie it’s light and funny and silly and American and pink.” It’s worth remembering how Emma Mackey has always been compared to Margot Robbie for having similarities with the actress of The Suicide Squad (2021).

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No big information so far, Warner Bros. only released some details about Barbiewritten by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach. With premiere scheduled for July 20, 2023 in Brazilian cinemas. The cast also has Ritu Arya, Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, Michael Cera, Kate McKinnon, Emerald Fennell and even Dua Lipa.

Emma Mackey Fulfilled ‘Dream’ of Working with Greta Gerwig

in the conversation with empire, Emma Mackey also took the opportunity to praise the director Greta Gerwig. “She is everything I could have dreamed of,” she said. “She’s so invested and precise, and so childishly enamored of what she does. martin Scorsese said, ‘Never lose the amateur in you.’ I see Greta laughing behind the monitor, and she references something very niche – and it will make perfect sense at that moment.

Her mind boils all the time. I love being around that kind of person.

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