European giant begins to make his move to take Andrey Santos from Vasco


The club is interested in the young midfielder, 17, since he was still playing in the youth categories

Andrey Santos continues to be monitored by Barcelona (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)
Andrey Santos continues to be monitored by Barcelona (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)

One of the main highlights of Vasco da Gama in the 2022 season, the young Andrey Santos17 years old, is observed by several European clubs since the time he played in the club’s youth.

Now, holder of the main team and one of the main technical references in the search for the goal of 2022 – to return to the elite of Brazilian football -, Andrey Santos has an outstanding issue at the club: his contract.

With a contract until August 2023, from the beginning of next year, the midfielder will be able to sign a pre-contract and leave for free. A negotiation is already underway, but its representatives are likely to wait until the situation between Vasco and 777 Partners be resolved.

But there are those who are already impatient and want to try to pounce to take the player to wear other colors. According to the portal geO barcelona sent a proposal to the Andrey of €10 million. The problem is that the terms did not please.

Also according to the publication, the Catalan club had the idea of, first, putting the youngster in the B team, which did not please the representatives of Andrey. Meanwhile, the barcelona remains one of the main stakeholders and continues to monitor its situation.

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