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This is what it means to qualify for the FIFAe World Cup

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Brazilian breaks down in tears as he celebrates his place in the FIFA 22 World Cup

Brazilian breaks down in tears as he celebrates his place in the FIFA 22 World Cup

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Ranked in the first phase of the FGS Playoffs with four wins and only one loss, Young faced the German KKoray in the knockout stage, but was defeated and fell to the repechage. Despite the setback, the Brazilian still had a chance of qualifying for the world championship.

In the repechage group, a Brazilian classic was drawn to define one of the 32 spots in the FIFAe World Cup. Young faced Tuzzy eSports’ DortaR9 and was defeated 2-1 in the first game. In the second, he turned the aggregate score around with a 3-1 victory that went into overtime.

— It was very emotional, I didn’t disbelieve at any moment. I had approximately 47 minutes to tie a 3×1 and I did it, and then in overtime I got the comeback, it was very exciting — says Young in an exclusive interview with ge.

Young, from SPQR, gets emotional after securing a spot in the FIFA 22 World Cup – Photo: Reproduction

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As soon as the virtual referee whistled for the last time, Young “went crazy”. The SPQR player jumped, shouted, hugged the coach. When it dawned on him that he was qualified for the first time for the FIFA 22 World Cup and that he would travel again to try to fulfill a dream, the young man burst into tears. (watch the video above in the article).

To the ge, Young told a little of what went through his head at the celebration that was featured in the international broadcast and on FIFA’s networks.

— At the celebration, I first felt a huge relief for not having to wake up at 4 am to go back to Brazil at 8 (laughs). Second, a feeling of relief because I think that for what I was playing, I deserved to be in the world cup and at the same time my accomplishment, that feeling that it was really worth everything I went through and everything I suffered to get to this point. momentary glory,” he explains.

Young is now starting to turn the preparation for the FIFAe World Cup dispute. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the competition runs from July 14 to 17 and has a total prize pool of US$ 500,000 (approximately R$ 2.6 million at the current price). In addition to the SPQR player, two other Brazilians qualified for the world championship: Paulo Neto, from Atlanta United, and Edson28, from CM E-Sports.

— My expectations in Denmark are the same as always. I always enter a championship with the mindset of a champion, no matter the opponent and the circumstances, but obviously it will be the hardest championship of my life with 31 other best players in the world, I hope to do my best and represent my country very well. and my region,” he concluded.

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