Financial companies need a social purpose to keep going

According to speakers at South Summit Brasil, companies in the financial sector currently need to seek a purpose and social promotion, as this is a way of giving back to society and getting closer to the customer, as suggested by André Lauzana, CFO (financial director ) and partner of Banco Modal.

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In addition to Lauzana, Frederico Renner Mentz, founder of the innovation consultancy AnLab, Marco Couto, CEO of Payly and Thiago Grechi, CFO of Neogrid, were present at the lecture.

Couto also said he agrees with the impact that the company should have, in addition to profits. And the banking service is a tool that makes it possible to offer services to the customer, through digital technology, including people in the financial system.

“People don’t need a bank. They need to study, work. What we see with ‘banking as a service’ is that more and more democratization will come. Thus, we will be able to offer customized and hyper-personalized products and services to the consumer, in an environment with which he relates and feels confident to do so”, explains Lauzana.

This means having customized operations for each type of customer, such as credit with lower rates or different insurance for profile types.

“Companies are increasingly understanding that if they don’t observe this, they won’t be able to survive. In a highly competitive environment, the closer you are to the customer and do something more inclusive, which gives back to society, the more mature the system will become”, concludes the financial director and partner of Banco Mondal.

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