Google announces 500,000 scholarships for young people by 2026

Google has announced that, by 2026, it will distribute 500 thousand scholarships for training young people in areas of greatest market demand. According to the company, the scholarships will be for the training of professionals in Information Technology (IT) support, data analysis, project management and UX design (User Experience or user experience).

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Of these, two thousand grants will be destined exclusively for people who declare themselves transsexuals. The objective is to promote social inclusion of this group in the job market, in addition to diversity. In a note, Google said that young people who are not currently studying will also be able to compete for vacancies.

“The registration and selection process will take place through the CIEE ONE application (100% free platform), and the chosen ones will be accompanied by an exclusive monitoring, which will help them to complete the certifications”, explained the company.

trans employability

In the evaluation of Google, Brazil has “learned a lot from the insertion of trans people in media and popular culture spaces”. The company uses, as an example of the advances observed in the country, the respect to pronouns and the right to name correction.

“It is estimated that 90% of the trans population in Brazil have the informal market as a source of income and the only possibility of subsistence. There are millions of people who live in a condition of extreme vulnerability due to the lack of a job opportunity”, he concluded.

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