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Search within Google Photos is one of the highlight features of the gallery app. The search tool is optimized to find photos based on dates, people, terms present and many other options.

So, if you want to see a specific photo from a long time ago, you don’t have to keep scrolling until you find it. In the Android and iOS app, it is still possible to browse content categories such as selfies, videos, screenshots and collages. Check out, below, how to search within Google Photos and the main search tips.

How to search within Google Photos by the app

  1. Open Google Photos and tap the “Search” icon;
  2. On the next screen, several categories are displayed with people, animals, places, documents and various items;
  3. To search for a specific term, type it in the search field and wait for the suggestions;
  4. Finally, browse through the photos related to the search term.
Learn how to search within Google Photos (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

If you want to locate the photos through Google Photos in the browser, go to and access the “Explore” tab in the left corner of the screen. You can also use the search bar to find terms.

Available search terms

  • You can search for different terms on Google Photos. Some suggestions include:
  • Animals (dogs, fish, cats, among others);
  • Names of people;
  • Cities;
  • Scenarios (mountain, beach, road, among others);
  • Objects (chair, table, computer);
  • Vehicles (car, bus, bicycle);
  • Colors;
  • food and drinks;
  • Documents;
  • dates;
  • Specific words (to find an image or meme with text, for example).

How to search by categories in Google Photos

If you don’t want to use the search for specific terms, Google Photos allows you to browse categories organized by the application itself. Albums of people, places visited and other varied topics are available.

How to tag people and animals in Google Photos

Google Photos uses facial recognition technology to identify people in images. When this function is active, it is possible to group all the photos in the library with a person or animal, with the option to tag contacts for easier search. Know how:

  1. On the search screen, find the “People & Pets” tab and tap “See All” to open the full list;
  2. Then the list with all the grouped faces will be displayed. Tap on one of them to see all available photos;
  3. To save a bookmark, tap “Add a name” and enter a title to finish.
Tag contacts in Google Photos to find them quickly

When you save the name of a person or animal, you can quickly find the photos in the search tab. In addition, in each album, it is possible to combine groups of faces: just touch the “+” icon on the thumbnail that appears at the top of the screen. Then all the images containing the two people will be displayed.

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