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Daniel was the last eliminated from the 9th season of the reality show MasterChef in a dispute praised by the chefs for the technical quality. He ended up leaving because his chicken was a little dry.

“As my chicken was dry, I said, now is the time to sell my plate. I had to ‘marketeada’ the plate to highlight the history, the art… Jacquin liked the story”, he told the Mais MasterChef program.

The sales manager said he knew he would have problems as soon as he took the chicken out of the oven. “I thought, should I put the chicken on the plate or not? I decided to put and take that risk.”

He confessed that he was scared because the other three contestants were strong. “The crowd was, ‘I hope they make grotesque mistakes.’ You unintentionally wish harm to the other.”

If he could change something, the cook says he would have made a sauce to accompany the protein. As the test required the food to be plated on a blank canvas, he was afraid liquid might leak out.

Daniel said he feared being harshly criticized by chefs Érick Jacquin, Helena Rizzo and Henrique Fogaça, but he ended up being praised and even won a hug from the other competitors.

“I have always tried to respect everyone, including the chefs. Receiving this affection from the mezzanine was to close with a golden key. Everyone lives in my heart. I am grateful for this trajectory. I was too afraid of being snubbed.”

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