Influencer says she has already received more than a thousand marriage proposals to leave Ukraine – Entertainment

Ukrainian influencer Louisa Khovanski, 31, commented on Instagram that she has received more than a thousand marriage proposals to leave Ukraine since the beginning of the war in February this year. She said men use military conflict as an excuse to flirt with her.

“Some despicable men tried to use the distressing situation to their own benefit. In many cases, they offered me their room, as if they wanted me to sleep with them in exchange for safety,” revealed the digital influencer.

Although the men offer Louisa security, she believes the result is the opposite: “It would be more dangerous to accept this situation than to live in Ukraine during wartime.”

In addition, the Ukrainian influencer said that she will not leave the country: “I’m trying to be useful here and I’m developing a new game and I keep sharing my tips on social media, to at least help those who can’t leave here and generate some entertainment “.

Khovanski was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and is a hit with tips on social media to encourage other women not to be ashamed of their big breasts.

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