Intellivision does not renew rights to Amico; console may never be released

Despite the company’s promises, the device continues to show signs that it will never reach consumers.

Despite having recently announced that had not given up on the launch of the retro console Amico, Intellivision went through a new episode that testify against it. Last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) passed the list of platform records as “dead”.

In other words, in addition to the company not having renewed its intellectual property rights, she can no longer use it commercially. According to the USPTO, the original registration of Amico was made in October 2018 and granted in September 2019, having won the official state of abandoned on the 20th of June of this year.

To prevent this from happening, Intellivision would need to have completed a trademark usage statement, in which it would show how it would be used commercially. One of the reasons why this is not happening is the fact that, although it has been promised for months, the Amico was never sold. — which did not prevent the company from obtaining four extensions on the right to use the trademark in the past.

Intellivision can still “revive the Amico”

With the USPTO decision, now Intellivision will have a two-month deadline to file a petition to revive the brand. In it, the company will have to prove that the delay in launching the product was not intentional or ask for a fifth extension on the rights to use the Amico name.

Recently, the company stated that it had drastically reduced its number of employees and that it would dedicate itself to reimbursing all buyers who had given up on the device. The console was officially announced in 2018 with a promise to bring together the old Intellivision-branded games and some new projects, including a new chapter in the Earthworm Jim franchise.

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While a launch was planned for 2020, the company said it was forced to make several delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The problems facing Intellivision have continued to escalate since then, resulting in the departure of CEO Tommy Tallarico and a total change of its board of directors. now commanded by Phil Adamthe company continues operating and promises to complete the Amico on a date not yet announced.


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