Ituano x Cruzeiro: Central do Apito sees VAR error when drawing offside line in Edu’s goal; see the bid | cruise

Edu’s disallowed goal, in Ituano x Cruzeiro, had the help of VAR to confirm the offside that the assistant scored on the field. But the image of the lines, made available in the transmission, caused strangeness in Janette Mara Arcanjo, at Central do Apito. For her, there was a mistake by the refereeing team.

At 44 min of the 1st half - Edu scores for Cruzeiro, but assistant signals offside, in Ituano x Cruzeiro

At 44 min of the 1st half – Edu scores for Cruzeiro, but assistant signals offside, in Ituano x Cruzeiro

According to the former assistant referee, the blue line, drawn on the left foot of Lucas Dias, defender of Ituano, should have been placed at another point. You can see that Lucas Dias’ right foot, for example, is much closer to the baseline. There was still another defender, Rafael Pereira, ahead of Edu, who could also provide conditions, according to Janette.

– For this image available, for me it is incorrect (to cancel the goal). It has a right foot (of the defender) that could enable the Cruzeiro player. Red is Edu’s shoulder, which is the attacker’s line. The defender’s line, at the very least, could have been used the inverted camera to better capture the defender’s positioning. For me it’s drawn incorrectly on the defender.

VAR cancels Edu’s goal in Ituano x Cruzeiro, but lines cause controversy – Photo: Reproduction

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At halftime, Cruzeiro took to social media to question the situation.

– Does anyone understand these lines from the VAR? Wrong void for crooked lines. 👀-he wrote on Twitter.

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The bid took place in the 44th minute of the first half at the Novelli Júnior stadium. The assistant canceled the bid on the field, and Janette Mara Arcanjo, at that moment, had given the impression that the goal should be validated. It took VAR about a minute and a half to confirm the field decision.

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Shortly before, Edu had complained about a possible penalty, after a tackle and touch on the hand of the defender of Ituano. In this case, Janette considers that the striker from Cruzeiro has no reason to complain.

– Let’s see how the ball hits Edu’s own arm. The rule says that, even if accidental, foul has to be marked. Therefore, the Cruzeiro complaint is not valid.

Ball hits Edu’s arm — Photo: Premiere

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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