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Apple Watch Series 8 should be the name of the iPhone owner's new smart watch

Apple Watch Series 8 should be the name of the iPhone owner’s new smart watch

Apple’s new line of smartwatches will set a fever on users, according to a report last Sunday by the news agency Bloombergwho claims to have spoken to people with knowledge about the new Apple Watch.

With new sensors on the device, the new feature would not replace a traditional thermometer, but would identify times when the user’s temperature is higher than normal, when there would be a possibility of fever. According to Bloombergin positive cases, the device would launch a notification and ask the owner of the device to check the temperature.

If confirmed, the novelty will be available in the next version of the new watch (informally named Apple Watch Series 8) and also in the option that should also be launched this year with a special dedication to extreme sports — the device should bring a screen with greater resistance to impact, for example. The continuation of the low-cost family (Apple Watch SE), which is due to be updated this year, is not expected to receive the functionality.

The temperature sensor would be another health-related feature on the brand’s watches, which had already been updated with a blood oxygenation sensor on the Watch Series 6 (2020) and new fitness and sleep monitoring features on the Series 7 (2021). ). In addition, the device measures heart rate and electrocardiograms, among other features.

new screen

Rumors point out that the new Apple Watch line will also feature a larger screen, 50mm wide. Who brings the news is the analyst Ross Young, specialist in the display industry.

It is not known whether the new size would be a third option to hit stores or whether the 41 mm and 45 mm versions, present in the Apple Watch Series 7 (2021) should be discontinued. Over the years, the watches have improved screens, with little change in the device’s housing: the first version launched on the market, in 2014, was sold with 38 mm and 40 mm wide options.

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