patent will show possible consequences of your actions

Sony is preparing a technology capable of presenting the consequences of your actions in gameplay. If you, for example, chose not to kill “that” character at the end of Ghost of Tsushima and were curious to know what the conclusion of the facts would be if you chose to eliminate him, this feature would show such closure. It’s like “showing the future” of the game.

Who has watched the series “What If…?” (Disney+) should also understand this premise easily. Basically, the player will have the option to choose a hypothetical scenario where the decision taken would have different impacts on the outcome of their game or on the narrative of their preferred game.

In the patent document registered by Sony, the following description is found:

  • The “what if” scenario(s) chosen for inclusion in the interface is based on processing a previous gameplay footage based on the machine learning model to identify possible scenarios for the player, and options for possible scenarios. available in the interface;
  • The method provides the selection of at least one of the hypothetical scenarios among the options. The selection will cause an adjustment to the data associated with the previous gameplay recording;


It is worth mentioning: not all registered patents are launched by large companies. If Sony makes it available one day, certain elements may change. So, the most correct is to wait for the Japanese giant to talk about the feature.

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