PEC Kamikaze reporter wants Uber vouchers and raise spending by BRL 50 billion

Federal deputy Danilo Forte (União-CE), chosen to report on PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) No. app drivers. As a result, spending to increase the value of existing social programs and the creation of new ones could reach R$50 billion, compared to the R$41.2 billion already endorsed by senators.

Approved last week by the Senate floor, the PEC increases Auxílio Brasil from R$400 to R$600 and creates benefits for truck drivers and taxi drivers. Now under analysis in the Chamber, the rapporteur said that he plans some changes in the text, such as, for example, gasoline aid for app drivers, since “the purpose” of this service is the same as taxi drivers – and these are supported by the PEC, while application workers do not.

“We have to decide how the Uber issue will be, because the purpose of the service is the same [dos taxistas]. So, this is a problem, and I’m going to talk Monday and Tuesday in Brasília to see how we meet this demand. You have to see if there is any control instrument so that we can work on this”, said the parliamentarian in an interview with the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo.

Initially planned to have a fiscal impact of R$ 29.6 billion, the PEC increased this amount to R$ 41.2 billion, but there is room to reach the ceiling of R$ 50 billion, according to the rapporteur.

Forte says that he participated in a meeting with the rapporteur of the proposal in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-CE), in which the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) “had signaled that [o valor] could reach up to R$ 50 billion”.

“Paulo Guedes had signaled. There is still a balance of more than R$ 8 billion that can be annexed”, added the deputy from Ceará, noting that there may be some more benefit, although this has not yet been “discussed”.

Emergency state

Another change studied by Danilo Forte is the possibility of changing the “legal nature” of the project that allows the declaration of a state of emergency. According to the parliamentarian, there is “a space” in the legislation “so that, in the event of a financial crisis or calamity, you could take steps to overcome the ceiling”.

“If we have legal certainty to guarantee that the release [das verbas] will be done without the need to declare a state of emergency, I have no difficulty in suppressing it”, he added.

With the desired changes, the text must return to the Senate for new approval. For this reason, Danilo Forte said that he intends to approve the PEC in the Chamber until July 13th, so that senators have two days – July 14th and 15th – to make the final vote before the parliamentary recess.

“I don’t think anyone will have the courage to go to the microphone to oppose a project that brings benefits to the most needy people,” he added, emphasizing that Brazil does not “need to be in a cast” to the spending ceiling law.


Approved in two rounds by the plenary of the Senate, the PEC readjusts values ​​of social programs and creates benefits for truck drivers and taxi drivers. The proposal, which still needs to go through the Chamber, provides for an adjustment from R$400 to R$600 in Auxílio Brasil (formerly Bolsa Família), an increase from R$53 to R$120 in the gas voucher, creation of a truck driver R$ 1,000 and creation of an aid for taxi drivers, with a cost of R$ 2 billion. The measures will be valid until the end of this year.

In addition to these benefits, the PEC brings resources for free public transport for the elderly and subsidies for ethanol. Both are also valid until the end of 2022. In addition, R$ 500 million will be made available for the Alimenta Brasil program. In the case of Auxílio Brasil, the PEC’s intention is to end the program’s queue by 2022. The cost of all actions is R$ 41.25 billion.

In the proposal, there is also an article establishing the state of emergency in Brazil, due to the rise in fuel prices. The state of emergency will make room for the government to create the truck driver aid and benefit aimed at taxi drivers this year, despite the election campaign. as showed the UOLjurists had been claiming that the creation of new aid could violate the electoral law.

The PEC also excludes expenditures on programs included in the proposal from the spending ceiling and fiscal targets for 2022. The spending cap is the constitutional rule that limits spending to the previous year’s Budget plus inflation. In practice, with the PEC, the government will be able to make extraordinary expenses to fund the readjustment of benefits and pay the truck driver allowance and the benefit for taxi drivers.

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