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The text of the new Constitution finalized by the 154 members of Chile’s constituent assembly was handed over, this Monday (4), to President Gabriel Boric.

The rite marks the end of a year-long cycle of writing the 390 articles intended to replace the current constitution, which was promulgated by dictator Augusto Pinochet in 1980.

The ceremony took place in the former National Congress, in downtown Santiago, and the final text was delivered by the current president and vice president of the assembly, María Elisa Quinteros and Gaspar Domínguez.

A plebiscite will consult Chilean citizens on the new constitution on September 4, and it will be the first process with mandatory voting since voluntary voting was established in the country in 2012.

According to the most recent survey by consulting firm Cadem, carried out in the last half of June, 47% of potential voters said they would “reject” the new constitution, while 44% said they would “approve” the text.

Since April, polls of intention to vote have shown the option of rejecting the new constitution.

Another survey, organized by the Fundação Instituto de Estudos Laborais, pointed to a similar trend: 42% of respondents would vote for “rejection”, while 38% would approve the text of the new constitution.

In a speech on TV, Boric said that the world is now following in Chile’s footsteps. “From now on, it will be two months of broad talk about our future. The conversation is open. In this new draft constitution there are changes and updates and also many elements of continuity with our republican and democratic tradition. Regardless of the options of each group or person, we are able to install a conversation free of falsehoods and misinformation. The world is watching us.”

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