Polium One: discover the world’s first console focused on NFTs and blockchain

For now it’s an idea, but the company promises the first prototype for this year

The letters NFT together represent a concept that doesn’t fit with games and that is already very clear today. But the polyum doesn’t seem to care too much about it and announced the world’s first Web3 gaming-focused console, the Polium One. The console no one asked for is set to be released in 2024.

The console will run games on different blockchains and promises to be strong to run great titles. “The console will be strong enough to run high-performance games and will be easy to use for a traditional gamer who doesn’t understand Web3,” the product page describes.

The purchase of the console will be made through reservation by purchasing the “Polium Pass”, which will guarantee the console on the day of launch, in addition to access to the entire ecosystem of the Polium company, such as PFP (profile photo) NFT, redemption of rewards with NFTs playables and stuff like that.

Up to 8K and 120 FPS

The company guarantees that the console will support 4K, digital ID recognition, 8K HDR, ray tracing and up to 120 frames per second. The website presents the Polium One interface (dashboard) and promises that it will be “clean”. It will be possible to “download games, metaverses and apps”, “buy and trade NFT and in-game items” and will have a virtual wallet to manage your transactions.

The controller, which is basically a PlayStation DualSense, will have a button to access your wallet, haptic feedback, headphone output, touchpad and the aforementioned digital ID recognition. The X, Y, B and A buttons were only swapped positions in relation to the Xbox controller.

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On the console-focused Discord, Polium says they have experience in hardware and software development and say they should have a “working prototype by November or earlier”. “We will either show the prototype live on YouTube or it will be shown by a very trusted influencer to all of you. The prototype will prove that the console can run games that are on different blockchains and created in different programming languages,” Polium said.

At the twitter, a user remembers that the company logo looks like the GameCube logo, so Polium responds: “It looks familiar, but GameCube has a G and the cube represents its name. Our cube represents blockchain and the P stands for Polium.” . Soon after, Polium tweets that a “new logo is on the way.”

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Needless to say, the reactions on the company’s own Twitter are anything but positive, with plenty of jokes and serious questions as well. One person tweets the PlayStation logo and says, “Hey guys, I #decentralized a new logo for you. OP stands for Polyum and the S shade stands for ‘scam'”.

Anyway, Polium will have a great challenge ahead. The first and biggest is to convince us that “web3 gaming will be the future”, as they say, and the second is to convince major developers to create games based on blockchain and all that that implies.


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