Sainz chose not to watch Zhou’s crash during the red flag

Carlos Sainz said he chose not to watch replays of Guanyu Zhou’s crash during the red flag race stoppage on Sunday.

Zhou’s car was turned upside down and thrown over the tire barrier on the first lap of Sunday’s GP after he came into contact with Mercedes’ George Russell.

The red flag was raised immediately, halting the race and the cars returned to the pit lane.

Zhou was pulled out of the car after some delay, with the live stream showing replays of the crash, just as word arrived that the Chinese driver had not suffered serious injuries.

But Sainz said he didn’t look at the replays as he waited for the race to resume.

“I made the decision not to see the accident,” he said. “When the red flag was raised, I knew there must have been a big accident. But I didn’t watch the TVs. Obviously, I was incredibly happy to see Zhou getting out of the car without any major issues. And then when I saw the accident afterwards, I was completely shocked.”

“It was incredible the accident and the fact that he escaped well, I don’t know if it’s crazy. I just think it’s amazing that you can come out of this,” she stated.

Sainz praised the FIA ​​for the safety improvements that have been implemented in the sport in recent years. “You know, sometimes we criticize the FIA, but in those cases you have to give them credit for how much they are helping us,” Sainz said.

“And if you look at the morning crash in F2 (between Dennis Hauger and Roy Nissany), what happened with the Halo today, they probably saved two lives. We need to give them (FIA) credit for the incredible work they are doing in safety. I thank them for that, and I love this sport,” he added.

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