Vintage Burger King restaurant found intact

Last Tuesday (28), a post went viral among Twitter users and TikTok. In it, a user shared a photo that showed a Burger King vintage restaurant completely intact. Found behind a wall in a mall in Delaware, in the United States, it aroused a lot of curiosity among millions of people around the world. On its first day, the original post received over 160,000 likes and over 15,000 retweets.

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Some users were wondering how it was possible to find such a well maintained establishment after so many years. According to some comments, the “BK Vintage” was already known by other people who worked in the same mall, since it was used as a warehouse. Because of this, the environment is relatively clean, but it is still possible to find some signs of deterioration, such as mold.

What was in Burger King?

According to some videos, as soon as you enter the old restaurant, you are immediately transported to the 70s. Right away, there are some pastel-colored tables and shelves, in addition to vintage art scattered on the walls and white chairs. Like everything that goes viral, they found a way to play with the situation: “The American version of finding remnants and artifacts of the Roman Empire”, said one of them. Even so, many questions were raised about how this restaurant was “stopped in time”.

A good explanation is that the Concord Mall, as the second largest mall in the state, has undergone many renovations over the years. Therefore, netizens believe that in one of these changes, this Burger King may have been temporarily closed, but ended up being forgotten. Because of this, conspiracies even arise about which other stores may be hidden within the walls of the mall.

In Brazil, internet users joked about the possibility of finding vintage restaurants of Brazilian brands across the country, such as Bob’s, and even Burger King itself.

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