Wife of Pedro Guimarães, former president of Caixa, says they want to destroy his family

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Manuella, alongside Pedro Guimarães, former president of Caixa July 04, 2022 | 18:16

Wife of Pedro Guimarães, former president of Caixa, says they want to destroy his family

The wife of Pedro Guimarães, former president of Caixa Econômica Federal, broke the silence this Monday (4th), after the publication of allegations of sexual harassment made by bank employees, which caused the president’s fall last week.

Through her Instagram account and without directly commenting on the case, Manuella Pinheiro stated that the complaints were the result of attacks by people who want to destroy her family.

“We knew that in the fight for Brazil there would be disloyalty, envy, squalor and falsehood. We knew they would be accompanied by deliberate and merciless attacks with the sole purpose of destroying our family,” he wrote.

Manuella, who is also the daughter of former OAS director and Lava-Jato whistleblower, Léo Pinheiro, took advantage of the post to quote her father, saying that her “war for a better Brazil” began before 2019, when her husband took over. the presidency of Caixa.

“For many, my war for a better Brazil started in 2019, with Pedro president of Caixa Econômica Federal. However, it started in 2014, with my father, Leo Pinheiro. We fight armed with the truth and are protected by faith.”

She also said that in the face of so many messages of support, strength and prayers she would have received, she couldn’t help but share her point of view.

The first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, left a comment in support on Manuella’s profile. She wrote only the word “Darling” in the post.

Last week, the website Metrópoles released a series of complaints from employees of the state bank against the now ex-president. Reports included intimate touches, inappropriate approaches, and inappropriate invitations.

The publication generated a wave of indignation and was added to videos and audios with episodes of moral harassment that would have been committed by Guimarães while he was in charge of the bank.

Unable to sustain himself in office, especially on the eve of the election that should define the future of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Guimarães ended up having to leave the post.


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