Woman falls from the back of a motorcycle after being hit by coconut; watch

posted on 07/05/2022 11:44

(credit: Playback/Twitter @MalaysiaGazette)

A woman fell off the back of a motorbike after being hit by a coconut in Jalan Teluk Kumbar, Malaysia. The accident was captured by a car camera and the video went viral on social media. The information is from Malaysia Gazette.

In the images it is possible to see the exact moment when Puan Anita by Taman Emas is hit by the coconut, falls off the motorcycle and rolls on the asphalt.

With the impact, the helmet that the woman was wearing ends up coming off and coming off her head. The motorcycle rider ran to help the victim and, with the help of people who were at the scene and witnessed the accident, she was taken to a local hospital, where she is recovering.

Local politician Azrul Mahathir Aziz shared the accident claiming to have helped the woman. He also informed that the coconut trees that are leaning towards the road will be cut down by the authorities.

Watch the video:

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