Zippi creates exclusive weekly credit line for self-employed

Fintech Zippi focuses on small entrepreneurs and launches working capital solution

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Fintech Zippi is attentive to a market that is much desired by several enterprises: that of small and medium-sized companies. The reason for this search is that they impact more than 40% of the Brazilian population, generate 9 out of 10 job vacancies and are responsible for 30% of the country’s GDP.

It is a queue that attracts many startups willing to solve structural problems faced by these companies. Continue reading and see what Zippi proposes exclusively for this audience.

Weekly credit line for freelancers from Zippi

Zippi is one of the institutions interested in solving everyday situations for small businesses. For this reason, the fintech founded by André Bernardes, Ludmila Pontremolez and Bruno Lucas, three former students of ITA and MIT, two of the most renowned technology institutes in the market, aims at working capital.

The fintech proposal works as a means of payment for entrepreneurs and self-employed with weekly settlement credit lines. Therefore, the institution offers a platform that allows entrepreneurs to make payments to suppliers instantly, and in return they receive up to seven days to settle the debt, which becomes directly with Zippi.

Zippi’s proposal is to help create working capital and help micro companies and self-employed professionals to move the company’s finances more quickly, avoiding the monthly cycles of payments and receipts.

André Bernardes, co-founder and CEO of Zippi, said that “in this informal economy, the money that passed from hand to hand began to be resolved with Pix”, he says. “It’s something that comes from the quick adherence of this method and the thousands of open companies and self-employed workers in recent months. The combination of factors boosted our business”.

With this, Zippi intends to increase from six to 10 times the volume of transactions by 2021. The company also expects to double its headcount, which currently has 26 people.

According to Bernardes, “despite wanting to grow, when it comes to technology, the quality of the team matters more than the quantity. Therefore, the main challenge will be to seek talent and attract them based on the structure we created, the work well done and the diversity in the team”, explaining that the new product will be in the responsibility of the technology and products team.

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