2-year-old boy has parents killed in US shooting and is found alone

Aiden lost parents during shooting;  couple are among fatal victims of attack

Aiden lost parents during shooting; couple are among fatal victims of attack

Photo: Reproduction/CNN/Daily Mail

Aiden McCarthy, 2, lost his parents during the shooting that took place last Monday, 4, during the Independence Day parade in Chicago, in the United States. According to the CNN Internationalthe child only survived due to an act of heroism by his father, who was killed during the attack.

Kevin McCarthy, 37, and his wife, Irina, 35, are among the fatalities of a man who shot at a crowd during the holiday in Highland Park, Illinois, according to the Lake County Medical Examiner’s Office. Another 31 people were injured. A suspect was arrested.

According to CNN, Aiden was protected from the shooting by his father’s body, even when Kevin was wounded. The information was given by Irina’s father, Michael Levberg, in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

Aiden “was pulled out from under his father’s body by Good Samaritans,” US Senator Tammy Duckworth told CNN. “Then they went to take care of the father, who was still bleeding.”

After the shooting ended, Aiden was alone, his grandfather told the Sun-Times. The image of the situation the child was in was shared on social media. People passing by tried to help him, and he was eventually taken to a city police station, where the police identified and called his grandfather.

According to the grandfather, as soon as the boy saw him, he asked: “Are Mom and Dad coming soon?”.

A campaign was created to help raise the child, now an orphan. More than $2 million has already been raised, according to the GoFundMe account.

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