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Mature skin naturally loses its natural glow. This is a totally normal process of tissue aging and nothing to worry about. But, there are some tricks that can add extra hydration to your skin at this stage of life before makeup.

Chanel makeup ambassador Kay Montano, who has done makeup for celebrities such as Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway, Zoë Kravitz and Salma Hayek throughout her life, said, “I work with adult women who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s. years, which I think is when women are at their peak.”

According to the professional, in an interview with American Vogue, it is at this stage that the skin should shine even more.

If you’re uncomfortable with the way your skin looks now, check out these tips to make your skin look fresh, healthy, and younger-looking.

Modify your skincare routine

“Skin represents the constant, ongoing changes in your life – you go from a child to a teenager to an adult woman (perhaps) to pregnancy and then menopause. When you’re young, you might do well with products that contain powder and mattify, but in your thirties, you’ll start to find that the same product you used in your twenties doesn’t work anymore,” explained Kay Montano.

“As you get older and go through different changes, you need to modify your skin care and makeup routine,” continues the professional.

Middle age and moisture loss

“When you’re in your mid-life, there’s less moisture in the skin and you can see that. You can’t stay dehydrated any longer, so you need to be careful with your water intake.”

The pro says good advice is to temporarily increase the appearance of moisture in your skin with skin care and makeup, the only way to increase it in the long run is to do it from the inside and stick to a really good skin care routine. .

“The beauty of makeup now is that many products are also hydrating,” she concludes.

Vitamin C is essential

“A vitamin C serum really brightens the skin and I’ve found it simulates the look of youth. Vitamin C is great because it’s a little sticky and gives the skin a little shine, which makes it look younger and brighter,” said the Chanel ambassador.

“If your skin gets too oily before makeup, there’s an old tip I got from Barbara Daly, who is one of the first great makeup artists in the world. The way to tell if you have the right amount of moisturizer on your skin is to use a thin tissue, press it into your skin and wipe off the excess, what’s left is what your skin needs. So, you have beautiful skin to start your makeup”, she concludes.

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