90s comedy could get a sequel

According to recent pronouncements, the comedy that was a hit in the nineties, Romy and Michelle, will return to the screens. The production will be carried out by Mira Srvino and Lisa Kudrow and is even in its initial phase.

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According to Mira Sorvino, responsible for giving life to Romy’s character in the nineties, the production is getting closer and closer to getting a continuation. “I can’t say anything officially, but unofficially yes: something is very close to happening”commented.

Meanwhile, Kudrow disclosed that screenwriter Robin Schiff, who developed the characters, is in the process of designing something new for them. Lisa also concluded by stating that she is very excited about the idea of ​​producing a sequel.

As it is known, the film will tell the story of Romy and Michelle, two inseparable best friends, who end up panicking when they discover that there will be a 10-year high school reunion and that, in reality, their lives are not the same. way they wanted.

Who is responsible for directing this production is David Mirkin, from sweet cheatin addition to him, are guaranteed to participate in this Alan Cumming project from Little spiesJaneane Garofalo de Another American SummerElaine Hendrix from Cupid operation and Justin Theroux from The Leftovers.

However, so far, there are no more details about the new production, not even a release date.

So, have you checked out Romy and Michelle? Comment below what you think of this production and stay tuned for the next news.

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