Anatel makes a study and can standardize cell phone chargers

Model chosen for Anatel’s study is used by most world manufacturers. Check until when contributions can be sent!

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The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) is carrying out a public consultation to determine technical requirements to standardize cell phone chargers in the USB type C standard. Citizens can submit their contributions until August 26th.

According to Anatel, the consultation takes place after a European Parliament project introduces conditions for harmonizing the cable charging interface of different equipment, which must integrate a harmonized shared charging area, using the USB Type-C standard as a basis.

Model chosen for Anatel’s study is used by most world manufacturers

According to Agência Brasil, the cell phone charger model was selected because it is used by most of the world’s manufacturers and because it has internationally recognized standards.

In addition, US lawmakers have asked the US Department of Commerce to adhere to a European-like approach. By setting a standard for cell phone chargers, congressmen aim to reduce e-waste and prevent unnecessary consumer spending.

According to Anatel, a project with a similar approach to the international market was designed to be inserted in the country, including cell phone chargers whose application depends on updating the technical conditions in force at the regulatory agency to assess the compatibility of cell phones and cell chargers.

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Image: Mahesh Patel /

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