Apple Self Service Repair: Helping users or just falling into the laws?

The repairability of devices apple has been criticized for many years. In response, the company launched the program in April Self service repairwhich allows users – for now, in the United States – repair devices that include the iPhone SE (3rd generation), and iPhones 12 and 13 lines.

Through the program, Maçã provides free manuals, rental of its own tools and purchases of original parts for the repair to be carried out. While this sounds like a great answer in theory, in practice the process seems more expensive, complex and even more expensiveaccording to some technicians.

In the channel Snazzy Labsa video documents the screen repair process and battery of an iPhone 12 mini by Self Service Repair. The components were purchased from Apple and all the repair apparatus were rented at the company.

Finally, the goal is achieved, but the video shows that the process with the tools that (together) weigh almost 44kg was longer, there was a great bureaucracy to check the originality of the pieces and, with rent and shopping, it was even more expensive.

However, this was not the only report of its kind. In an interview with NPR, technician Jess Jones said she decided to repair her own device after being charged $600 to fix it by Apple. However, she ran into some mishaps.

Jones stated that even with repair experience, he found the nearly 100-page manual difficult to understand. Plus, it had the price: she reported that renting and doing the repairs herself cost more than if she had sent the device to Apple. The conclusion she reached was that the company offers the service just to say that it exists, since no one will actually use it.

Apple’s onslaught with the Self service repair it was interesting. Even if it can be argued that the complexity of the process is because of the company’s quality standard, these technicians have shown that it is not practical at all. Having experienced the program, therefore, there was doubts that the intention was to make life easier for users or to be in accordance with the rules, especially after the first repair law in the US.

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via The Mac Observer

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