Barbie fashion resurfaces with film starring Margot Robbie

The film live action Barbie, which will be starring actress Margot Robbie, will only be released in July 2023. However, the style of the most famous doll in the world can already be considered a fashion trend. Neon colors, especially pink, promise to rock.

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If you’re a pop culture fan, you’ve probably already been impacted by the photos from the filming of the movie Barbie, which will have Margot Robbie as the doll and Ryan Gosling as Ken. The exaggerated look, with lots of pink and vintage touches, had a lot of repercussion on social media.

THE tights that look like they came out of the time tunnel straight out of the 1980s, accessories like hair bands are added. The highly tanned skin and blonde locks, almost white, are part of the characterization of the two protagonists.

Actress Margot Robbie, a young, blond, white woman, filming the movie Barbie.  She is in a pink convertible car and wears a top and headband, both blue with a white polka dot print.
Barbie will be directed by Greta Gerwig, who worked on Lady Bird and Little Women.

Actor Ryan Gosling, a young, blond, white man filming the movie Barbie.  She is leaning against a pink pillar and wears an open denim vest, which exposes her abdomen, jeans and white underwear on display.
The movie will be released a year from now, in July 2023

Actress Margot Robbie, a young, blond, white woman, filming the movie Barbie.  She wears a pink bell-bottom vest and pants set.  She wears a white boot with a pink flower on the tip.
Margot Robbie, who starred in The Wolf of Wall Street and Suicide Squad, will play Barbie in the 2023 film

Actress Margot Robbie, a young, blond, white woman, filming the movie Barbie with actor Ryan Gosling, a blond, white man.  They wear pink sportswear, with neon yellow accents, and skates at a skating rink.
Ryan Gosling, star of La La Land, will be Ken, Barbie’s love interest
pink fever

Despite still being in the filming process, the film brought the “Barbie fashion” to the fore. looks in shades of pink, or in sugary colors, they are a maxim for those who want to love the trend.

Pink is not only in clothes, but also in accessories and hair. For those who want to adopt the look inspired by the doll, another tip is to bet on fabrics that reinforce the aesthetics. oversuch as gloss, satin and leather.

The sociality Paris Hilton, a white and blonde woman with long hair, posing for a photo in front of her mansion and her pink car.  She wears sunglasses, a top, and a sweatshirt and sweatpants set, all in different shades of pink.
Paris Hilton has always been a celebrity who seems to have stepped out of the Barbie universe

The businesswoman and influencer Kim Kardashian, a brunette woman with straight brown hair, posing for a photo on the marble stairs of her own residence.  She wears an all-pink outfit combination: crop top, pants, pointed toe boots, and padded sport coat.  She also wears black sunglasses.
celebs like Kim Kardashian have already paraded around with all pink looks

Singer Nicki Minaj, a young black woman, is seated in a pink chair and wearing the same color wig.  She wears a whole combination of clothes in different shades of pink: dress, heeled sandals, bag and glasses.
Rapper Nicki Minaj merges Barbie aesthetics with hip-hop culture items

Presenter and former BBB Sabrina Sato, a young, brunette woman with brown hair and Asian physical features, posing for a photo on a white wall.  She wears a pink sequined shirt, baggy pink pants, and pink gloves in the same color.
Presenter Sabrina Sato also chose pink to record GNT’s Saia Justa

Jordanna Maia, fashion content creator, is one of those who bet on the trend. In an interview with the column, she said that “Barbie is a figure that everyone wants to be, from a thousand and one professions, and the movie brought that trend to light”.

For those who want to bet on the trend, Jordanna gives two tips. One way is through the cutest and “little doll” aesthetic. The other “embodies modern Barbie, with pink and different pieces, like futuristic glasses or spiky hair,” she explains. influencer.

Fashion influencer Jordanna Maia, a young, white woman with blonde hair, posing for a photo in a subway car.  She wears an all-pink look: a short top, sequined pants and a blazer.  She also wears sunglasses with glittery strasse frames.
Jordanna Maia produces fashion content for Instagram and TikTok

Fashion influencer Jordanna Maia, a young white woman with blonde hair, posing for a photo in a pink chair.  She wears a look in different shades of pink: tights, dress, bag and high heels.
“I really like riding. looks monochromatic in pink”, says the influencer
Fashion influencer Jordanna Maia, a young white woman with blonde hair, posing for a photo in front of a ceramic mosaic.  She wears a black top, a sporty pink coat and futuristic silver sunglasses.
Jordanna’s tip to get inspired by Barbie and not be so “cute” is to bet on urban and funky pieces

The fashion world was impacted by the Barbie movie already in its recordings. The complete film and, of course, the launch events should be future guidelines for those who follow the segment.

Collaborated with Carina Benedetti

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