Behind the scenes: Botafogo never left the race for Luís Henrique, negotiated directly with OM and surpassed Flamengo

Botafogo and Flamengo are fighting a ‘battle’ for Luís Henrique, but all paths indicate that Alvinegro will prevail and close the hiring of the 20-year-old striker with Olympique de Marseille, from France.

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The narrative is quite different from the weekend, when the status was that Luís Henrique had accepted Flamengo’s proposal. Despite a possible agreement with the player, Rubro-Negro never came to terms with Olympique on the terms with the player. O L! explains.

Botafogo started talks with Luís Henrique since he went to watch the victory over Sao Pauloon the 16th of June, straight from Nilton Santos Stadium. The club started talks with Olympique de Marseille, offered a contract and placed the player on the list of possible reinforcements.

Flamengo had another approach: instead of OM, it went straight to the player’s staff and family, offering a proposal that was financially better than Botafogo’s. Botafogo, later, equaled the salaries, but Luís Henrique’s businessmen said “yes” to what was presented by Rubro-Negro.

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The Gávea team, however, did not have the same understanding with Olympique de Marseille, the part that talked less throughout the process. Flamengo only wanted a loan, something OM did not agree with – as it has concrete proposals that Nantes-FRA and Torino-ITA to sell the player now.

Then, Flamengo offered a call option at the end of the period. During this period, Botafogo, who were in talks with Olympique, arrived and stated that they would have Luís Henrique with an obligation to buy in case of goals beaten – in case Alvinegro qualifies for next year’s Libertadores Cup.

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The value of the operation will be 8 million euros (R$ 44.2 million, at the current price), as reported by “Canal do TF”. When converted to reais, the value is higher than what Botafogo received in the sale of Luís to Olympique in 2020.

The amount is greater than the proposal by Nantes, which immediately put 6 million on the table. If the French club matches the amount of 8 million euros to take the striker in this window, Botafogo will be overtaken and Olympique will accept the numbers of the other French club.

Luis Henrique at Olympique de Marseille

Luís Henrique with one of his businessmen (Photo: Disclosure/OM)

Despite the agreement between Botafogo and Olympique, part of the team that takes care of Luís Henrique’s career continues, behind the scenes, trying to work to reverse the situation with Flamengo.

The wish of one of the forward’s managers is that the shirt 11 plays for Rubro-Negro. Luís Henrique, it is worth mentioning, is not aware of this. Botafogo did not like the repercussion that the news involving Flamengo generated along with the image of the player, who came out with the reputation of “traitor”.

This even causes discontent among the very team that takes care of Luís’ career, because one of the businessmen believes that the arrangement with Botafogo is the right one.

Anyway, some of the agents are still trying to talk to Olympique because they believe that the best thing for Luís’ career will be to play for Flamengo. Botafogo, as in all negotiations, is still in the race, continues to have conversations with Olympique and remains confident of the positive outcome.

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