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Brad Pitt says he has a rare and incurable disease
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Brad Pitt says he has a rare and incurable disease

At 58, Brad Pitt revealed that he has a rare and incurable disease: prosopagnosia. But before you think that it is something contagious or that it can take the life of the Hollywood heartthrob, you can rest assured, because this dysfunction does not bring physical harm to him.

According to an article published by Dr Dráuzio Varella on his own website, “those who have prosopagnosia are not able to partially or fully recognize the faces of acquaintances, but their ability to memorize their names and other individual characteristics is preserved.”

Pitt’s revelation was made in an interview with GQ magazine, at the end of June, but only now has the American press paid attention to this information, which occupies only two paragraphs of the long report made with the heartthrob. A sign that not even the original publication paid much attention to this heartthrob’s outburst.

In the short excerpt of the text signed by reporter Ottessa Moshfegh about the disease, he says that he never received the official medical diagnosis, but he believes he is affected by it because of his extreme difficulty in recognizing familiar faces.

The report says that Pitt fears that people will see him as an unreachable person, snobbish and even disinterested in others because of the disease, which prevents him from recognizing people he has had contact with several times.

In 2013, Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband had already mentioned the case in an interview with Esquire, where he released the following sentence: “A lot of people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them. I say, ‘Thanks for helping me.’ But I piss off more people.”

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