British Airways announces it will cancel 11% of flights until October

British Airways, which is part of the Anglo-Spanish group IAG, announced this Tuesday that it will cancel up to 11% of flights between April and October, as a result of the lack of employees in various functions and the difficulties in operations after the pandemic. of covid-19.

The company revealed that, in the coming weeks, it will reduce the flights it operates by 1%, which will add to the 10% already announced in May this year.

By communicating in advance the reduction, which will affect routes departing from the British airports of Heathrow and Gatwick, British Airways aims to avoid last-minute cancellations, which cause more scenes of chaos, as seen in recent days.

In a statement, the airline acknowledges that the preventive measures taken at the beginning of the year to reduce daylight saving time and provide more security to customers were not enough.

“Unfortunately, additional cuts had to be made,” said British Airways, which indicated it was in contact with passengers to offer rebookings or ticket refunds.

Chaos at Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport - REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/ - REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/

Chaos at Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport in July 2022

Image: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/

To try to help airlines, the UK government has introduced an amnesty on take-off and landing shifts, which means they are not lost if they are not used.

“We welcome these new measures, which help us to offer our customers the certainty they deserve”, points out British Airways, considering that the management of flights has been made easier.

The company informed that it is focusing its efforts on executing its biggest employee hiring campaign, to increase its operational capacity.

Estimates are that transport capacity needed to be increased from 30% to 80%, in the short term, with the end of restrictions imposed by covid-19.

The increase in passenger demand, particularly on holiday trips, coincides with a shortage of cabin staff, baggage handling, airport security and flight controllers.

However, the situation could get complicated, because British Airways ground workers intend to go on strike soon, to demand better pay.

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