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Having your documents used improperly in any registration would be enough of a headache. As Free market, however, the situation seems a little more complicated. Marketplace customers report that their CPFs have been misused by third parties, without your knowledge, to create additional accounts and commit fraud. The company’s solution was to suspend all registrations, legitimate and illegitimate, harming consumers. To make matters worse, they can’t get customer service from the company.

Caixa do Mercado Livre (Image: Publicity/Mercado Livre)
Caixa do Mercado Livre (Image: Publicity/Mercado Livre)

Who brought this story was the reader Samuel Diniz Casimiro, who published his report in the Comunidade do technoblog. He says that someone else opened an account at Mercado Livre using his CPF and practiced several frauds.

It turns out that Samuel already had an account on the platform for more than ten years. The store’s system, however, unified the legitimate and the illegitimate and permanently suspended their registration.

Dissatisfied, he went to court and won the right to have his account reactivated, but the company did not take this action. When trying to talk to the customer service, Samuel says he only receives answers from robots, which do not understand the question.

“Mercado Livre is currently the largest e-commerce platform in Brazil, so having your account suspended is a huge limitation in finding products and suppliers that only resell there”, he laments.

Other customers, similar stories

Samuel’s case is not the only one of its kind. In Reclame Aqui, there are similar complaints: customers who had their data used improperly in the creation of new accounts and who, therefore, are no longer able to use their own registration.

Consumer Mariana, from São Paulo (SP), says that they misused her CPF at Mercado Pago, which led to a complaint against her and the permanent suspension of her account. Like Samuel, she complains about not being able to talk to an employee, only to robots.

“Nobody lets me explain what’s going on and I only talk to machines, apparently, because the messages aren’t even signed”, he comments on Reclame Aqui.

The client Diego, also from São Paulo (SP), says that eight accounts were opened using his CPF. He also complains of only receiving automatic calls, without being able to explain his case.

On Twitter, more episodes with commonalities. in one of them, the customer had a second account opened with his CPF. The person responsible for this record even used his name, but spelled differently. The email, however, was another.

Mercado Livre customer complains about fraud using their CPF
Mercado Livre customer complains about fraud using his CPF (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

In all cases, the company’s response appears to be the same: apply its fraud terms and conditions policy to all accounts associated with the CPF, even legitimate ones.

Mercado Livre allows more than one account per CPF

O technoblog tested and proved: it is even possible to open more than one account per CPF in Mercado Livre. The system does not check if there is another record with the same document, contrary to what other sites usually do.

In addition, registration on the marketplace includes an account on Mercado Pago. With it, it is possible to move money by bank slip, TED and Pix, for example.

O technoblog contacted Mercado Livre, but did not receive a position until the publication of this report. If the company responds, the text will be updated.

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