Does Instagram show who viewed your profile? Understand the rumor that went viral

A new internet rumor reveals that the Instagram can start reporting who has visited your profile on the network. The information dropped like a bomb this week via a tweet. The user published an image where it is possible to see the supposed update of the platform. In the “Activities” tab, there is a list with the number of visits to the profile on Instagram and with the identification of each user.

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The post gained traction and was liked tens of thousands of times, as well as massively shared. However, the question remains: is this really true?

Will Instagram reveal who visited your profile?

According to an article published by the TechTudo website, the platform has not yet commented on the fact. That is, there is no official answer from Instagram about the possibility of revealing who has recently visited your profile.

It is still not possible to say that the image posted on Twitter is true, but it is also not possible to completely deny it. It is worth noting that in the past Facebook was a platform that allowed discovering who the visitors of each profile were.

The topic went viral

The fact is that after the posts, the search for “Instagram shows who visited your profile” on Google increased dramatically. Several netizens want to know if the novelty will be put into practice in the next updates.

The supposed screen print was released on the profile @ g0ulaarte and would be revealing a novelty within the “Activity” tab.

In a few hours, the post ran through social networks around the world. After all, it would be a very interesting resource to be able to find out who visited your profile, while inhibiting the action of stalkers and people who abuse their anonymity.

However, it can also compromise well-meaning users who don’t want to give the wrong impression to other individuals. The truth is that most users showed some excitement about the proposal.

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