Dog escapes from kennel to comfort crying puppies in pet hotel; video

Maggie is an adorable Australian Shepherd dog who couldn’t bear to hear the cry of two rescued puppies.

To calm them down, she came out of her kennel to comfort them with her presence. This exciting story took place in 2016.

The furry one was staying at the hotel and pet daycare called Barker’s Pet Hotel and Grooming, located in St. Albert, in Alberta, Canada, as her owner had an appointment and would not be able to take her.

The family business also opens the door to taking in rescued dogs that have nowhere else to go. The crybaby pups were part of the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society animal shelter rescue.

Not long ago, the little dog had just given birth and all her puppies were donated – surely her maternal instinct made her go in search of the furry ones.

And the scene of her walking towards them was captured by the internal security camera of the place.

The episode happened during the night while the family had gone out to dinner. Then, during the meal, they received a notification on their cell phone that there was a movement in the place. When they went to check the camera, they realized it was Maggie, lying in front of the puppies’ kennel.

When they returned, a member of the team opened the door where the little ones were so the little dog could come in and sleep with them.

“We see a lot of lovely things here at Barkers, but this story takes the cake,” a spokesperson for the pet hotel told Mirror.Co.

Maggie’s owner when he went to pick her up was delighted with the story. And it’s no wonder, right? It’s so cute!

The video was shared on the company’s social networks and users did not stop praising and sighing for Maggie’s attitude.

“One of the many reasons I love dogs so much – none more true, loving and loyal. They’ve shown me so many times that this is exactly who and what they’re built from,” commented one.

“It made my heart sing! I’ve seen it a lot in my long life, thankfully. But this dog is exceptionally bright – so smart and she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Maggie clearly has a huge heart – she has a lot of love to give.” , wrote another.

“This is so adorable – dogs are really just kind and loving souls. It’s amazing how unconditionally they love us,” declared a third.

Check out the video:

The spokesperson said that from time to time the little dog stays at the place and that rescued dogs easily find a home in her. And it didn’t take long for these puppies to find a forever family.

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