Drone owner used in action against Lula and Kalil supporters is arrested in Uberlândia | Mining Triangle

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Parreira, 38, was the target of an action by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and other security forces on the morning of last Friday (1st), when search and seizure warrants were carried out in at least five addresses assigned to he.

According to Sejusp, Parreira was admitted to the Prison of Uberlândia, on Saturday (2). The MPF confirmed his preventive detention, but did not give further details. The process is confidential.

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Drone releases strong-smelling liquid on Lula and Kalil supporters in Uberlândia

Drone releases strong-smelling liquid on Lula and Kalil supporters in Uberlândia

The report got in touch this Tuesday with Rodrigo Parreira’s lawyer. Over the phone, Benedito Vieira said that he would only speak about the arrest in person, which was not possible until the publication of this text.

In a statement to the police, Rodrigo claimed to be the owner of the drone that released a strong-smelling liquid on people. During the searches, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) would have discovered evidence that Rodrigo falsified documents to get the Certificate of Registration Individual – Collector, Shooter and Hunter (CAC).

The MPF instituted a procedure for dealing with the use of an “aircraft”, which is regulated by the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) and therefore, the attribution to investigate is federal, according to the prosecutor.

Rodrigo Luiz Parreira is the owner of the drone used in the action on June 15th — Photo: Reproduction

On the day of the operation, Rodrigo Luiz Parreira’s defense, through his lawyer, told TV Integration that he had become aware of the Federal Public Ministry’s operation and that he accompanied the client during the hearing held at the Federal Police station in Uberlândia, where possible clarifications were provided to the police authority.

“Neither the defense nor the investigated person had access to any part of the procedure initiated by prosecutor Onésio Soares Amaral”, said the lawyer at the time.

Benedito Vieira said he still did not know the motivation for the action, “since the origin of the facts stems from an event in which the responsibility for the investigation was assigned to Gaeco and the State Public Ministry”.

According to the lawyer, “the defense has contributed what it can to the police authority and wants to believe that the investigated person is not being persecuted by ideological political issues or influences, as the June 15 indictment was clarified that it was not political act”.

Rodrigo is imprisoned in Uberlândia — Photo: TV Integração/Reproduction

Contrary to what the defense said, Rodrigo Luiz Parreira reported to the police on June 15, who had hired Charles Wender Oliveira Souza and Daniel Rodrigues de Oliveira, to throw the product at Lula’s supporters, because he was dissatisfied with the policies of the former mayor of Uberlândia, Gilmar Machado (PT).

“The latter reported the following to the garrison: because he was not satisfied with the policies of the former mayor of the city of uberlândiaMr. Gilmar Machado, and for sponsoring the visit of the former President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Squid da Silva, in order to do politics, hired two people to throw a product commonly used to attract flies (target) on people”says an excerpt from the bulletin.

Excerpt from the incident report on the drone attack on Lula and Kalil supporters — Photo: Reproduction/Occurrence Bulletin


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