Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian and other stars parade for couture brand in Paris

Haute couture week in Europe continues at full steam and on the morning of this Wednesday (6) several stars paraded for the brand Balenciaga during the Autumn/Winter 22/23 season in Paris, France. artists like Dua Lipa, Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and more, shone on the catwalk.

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It was bringing all the European style, class and refinement, that Balenciaga brought some more of its novelties in one of the most chic mansions in the city, during the Paris Fashion Week, in France. For this, the brand took great names from the artistic and fashion class, such as the singer Dua Lipa, the actress Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and the models Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid.

The singer Dua Lipawas one of the most anticipated attractions and she delivered a lot of beauty with a short yellow dress, which contains a huge train, gloves, pantyhose and black shoes.

already the iconic Kim Kardashian, one of the brand’s darlings, which even starred in a campaign photographed in his own homeparaded with a beautiful long black dress, which has necklines in the front and back, and a large slit in the legs.

Nicole Kidman she doesn’t leave the house either, if it’s not to rock and she stopped everything with a long silver dress that has a train, in addition to wearing black gloves and shoes.

already the model Naomi Campbell wore a beautiful black balloon dress with metallic and wavy details.

Bella Hadidwalked around in a satin green dress, long in the front and short in the back, with black gloves.

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anita continues to leave its mark in Europe! The powerhouse, who is currently touring the country, participated in one of the most popular fashion shows in Paristhe couture brand Schiaparelli, on the morning of this Monday (4). All she had to do was step foot into the event, so that thousands of photographers and fans flocked to the venue.

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Photo: Getty Images (POPline authorized use)

The mighty stopped the city of Paris once again. This time, anita sat in the front row of the fashion show and stood alongside artists like Rita Ora, Rina Swayama, Hunter Shafer and Emma Watson and chose to wear a very Brazilian look, with a crochet skirt and top, but with a Parisian touch, the famous hat.

Photo: Getty Images (POPline authorized use)

Through her Instagram, the Girl From Rio showed some moments from the show, and also details of her iconic look. At the end of the event, anita did not fail to squander beauty and sympathy and attended fans and journalists, who were waiting outside.

Photo: Getty Images (POPline authorized use)
Photo: Getty Images (POPline authorized use)
Photo: Getty Images (POPline authorized use)

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