Friends and family mourn the death of a Brazilian woman in the Ukrainian War: ‘It only did good’ | Ribeirao Preto and France

The news of Thalita do Valle’s death in the war in Ukraine shocked friends and family in Brazil. She, who was 39 years old and was from Ribeirão Preto (SP), had been in the country invaded by Russia on a humanitarian mission for less than a month. On Saturday (2), she died of asphyxiation due to a fire in a bunker where she was staying.

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The Brazilian colleague who tried to help her ended up dying from injuries, according to Thalita’s brother, Theo Rodrigo Vieira.

In addition to Ukraine, Thalita had already participated in a humanitarian mission in Iraq. In Brazil, she was involved in social actions and causes.

For his friend Gustavo Reis, who is mayor of Jaguariúna (SP), Thalita was “a dear friend, who only did good”. To g1, he told that he didn’t know that Thalita was in Ukraine and that he received the news from a mutual friend of the two.

“It was a bigger shock, because it’s extremely rare to have Brazilians going to fight there. [que estão em combate no país]we have three [mortos]. And of those three, one was a woman. And this woman was a woman that I had a special affection for, a dear friend, who only did good and that I had a deep admiration for everything I experienced with her over the years “, she said.

Reis and Thalita met in 2014 in an action in defense of animals in São Paulo. A year later, they got together again in an animal rescue action in Mariana.

“We took the car and went with other activists to Mariana, a long trip from São Paulo to Mariana, to be able to work on rescuing the animals and also to see the conditions in which Samarco was housing the animals at that moment. And then all the animals , not just pets. It’s a very painful situation to lose a person with such a generous soul”.

The mayor of Jaguariúna wrote about Thalita on one of his social networks. He referred to her as a woman of ideals and a gigantic heart.

“Thalita dedicated her life to helping others. People with a good soul like her are needed, wanting to fight for peace, animal welfare, humanitarian causes,” he wrote.

Current mayor of Jaguariúna, Gustavo Reis worked with Thalita do Valle in the rescue of animals in the tragedy of Mariana (MG), in 2015 — Photo: Personal Archive

Owner of an animal protection sanctuary in Bragança Paulista (SP), Fernando Salomão also talked about memories with Thalita.

According to him, in 2017, she left Ribeirão Preto on a trip of almost 300 kilometers to the municipality just to visit the place, as she wanted to take three oxen rescued in Forquilha (SP).

“She needed a home for three oxen that had recently rescued her. She came here at the time to visit the place, to see what the sanctuary was like, if it had adequate space. I knew she had gone to other places. war actions, but I didn’t know about this one. I was shocked.”

Thalita do Valle, who died in combat in Ukraine, is from Ribeirão Preto (SP) — Photo: Personal Archive

Child excited and in love with animals

Thalita’s passion for animals, according to Vieira, comes from childhood. But even before getting involved with the cause, she tried other avenues, such as theater and television.

“Thalita was always very agitated, she started in the theater and then on TV, because my mother was an actress and writer. But she was always very passionate about animals, she took everyone she found on the street. This was already a problem for us.”

Also according to Vieira, interest in the animal cause arose naturally, as Thalita grew.

To the same extent, interest in becoming more and more involved in humanitarian causes also grew, a fact that she did not usually share with her family to avoid concerns from her parents.

“During her studies, she awoke an interest in animal protection and continued to help. When we saw her, she was already going to Iraq. She never warned much about her incursions. I think even to avoid problems at home. A mother cannot bear to know that a son is going to a hostile environment like war”.

Thalita do Valle during volunteer work — Photo: Reproduction/Tik Tok

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed the g1 this Tuesday (5th) that it received, through the Brazilian Embassy in Kiev, confirmation of the death of two Brazilian nationals in Ukrainian territory and said to maintain contact with family members to provide assistance.

In a note, the Itamaraty highlighted that “As it has done since the beginning of the conflict, it continues to strongly advise against Brazilians traveling to Ukraine, as long as there are not enough security conditions in the country.”

Thalita’s family still does not know when the body is expected to arrive in Brazil, but reported that it maintains contact with the Foreign Ministry and the Ukrainian Foreign Legion for negotiations.

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