Harvard offers scholarships of up to R$390,000 for graduate studies; sign up

Harvard University is accepting applications for the 2022 edition of the Academy Scholars program. The annual grant can reach R$ 390 thousand. Ever heard of it? Interested? See how to apply to study and receive this generous aid from one of the best universities in the world.

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The program is for researchers who are doing PhDs, PhDs or beginning postdoctoral studies. Those selected will have sufficient subsidy to conduct their studies.

Annual Scholarship at Harvard

The annual Harvard Scholarship is aimed at students in the fields of Social Sciences and Law. Researchers should carry out studies in the areas of regional themes. These include research on the history and culture of countries and regions outside the United States and Canada.

According to the program rules, candidates who completed their doctorate after September 30, 2019 can also participate.

The value of the annual Harvard Scholarship varies according to the level of the researchers. Thus, those who have not yet completed their doctorate receive a subsidy of only $35,000, about R$180,000.

Support goes up to $70,000, about R$390,000, for researchers who have already completed their studies. In addition, those selected also receive other grants to participate in travel, conferences and research. Up to six researchers will be chosen.

To participate, you must have availability to live in the Cambridge or Boston regions at the time of the appointment. The deadline for registration is until September and is given through the official website of the Academy Scholars program.

Below is the list of documents required for registration:

  • Cover letter that succinctly describes the candidate’s academic field, country or region of expertise, as well as the proposed research topic;
  • Curriculum vitae or curriculum;
  • Research proposal;
  • A copy of the transcript of the doctoral program;
  • Three letters of recommendation.

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