Husky: The Story of the Natively Remote and Lean Startup

In today’s world, creating a successful startup has a series of rules – some explicit in the entrepreneurship literature, others transferred almost by osmosis – that most entrepreneurs follow without even thinking about whether that is the best model for their business. .

Among these rules is that a company of this model needs to have a cool headquarters, with devices such as a ping-pong table and a slide, to build and consolidate its culture. Another demand requires startups to raise as much capital and hire as quickly as possible to scale.

These are some of the rules that fintech Husky has been challenging since its creation in 2016. The story of the startup, natively remote, is the subject of episode 136 of the podcast From Zero to Top. The program is available in video on YouTube or in audio on ApplePodcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Spreaker, Google Podcast, Castbox and Amazon Music.

Husky operates in international money transfer and its main clients are self-employed professionals who provide services to companies abroad. With less than 40 employees, it has already generated more than R$ 1.5 billion on its platform. Check out the company’s full story on the podcast.

About From Zero to Top

The Do Zero ao Topo podcast brings, in each episode, a prominent entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the Brazilian market to tell their story, sharing the biggest challenges faced along the way and the main strategies used in building the business.

The program has already received names such as André Penha, co-founder of QuintoAndar; David Neeleman, founder of Azul; José Galló, executive responsible for the rise of Renner; Guilherme Benchimol, founder of XP Investimentos; Artur Grynbaum, CEO of Grupo Boticário; Sebastião Bonfim, creator of Centauro; and Edgard Corona, from the Smart Fit network.

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